Scala Hosting: Scala Hosting Review Best VPS Hosting in 2021

Scala Hosting: Scala Hosting Review Best VPS Hosting in 2021.

Hai, in this Article you must have to know that what I am going to talk about here. We are not just giving the title of best Scala Hosting, but it has achieved it with its excellent service.

Scala Hosting be amazed at the performance we have seen. From this you will come to know that how much money other web hosting companies are charging you in the name of fast web hosting.

Scala Hosting is a web hosting company based in America, which is famous for providing many great web hosting services for very good price.

Many people say that their VPS solution is much better. For this reason, through this article, we are going to tell you about the complete review of Scala Hosting.

Features of Scala Hosting.

This web hosting company started from 2007 has achieved a lot in the last 14 years and it has happened only and only because of the hard work of Scala Hosting Company and Members.

We are saying this because they had already decided to provide fast, best and great VPS and cloud hosting service to the people.

Because of this many people seem very happy with their service. Here we are going to bring you a list of some of the quality features of Scala Hosting.

  • Powerful Spanel
  • Automatic WordPress Installer
  • Optimized hosting for WordPress
  • Free Domain Name and Free SSL Certificate
  • Affordable Web Hosting
  • Strong SShield Security
  • white label hosting

According to Scala Hosting hosting, you will find data centers in Dallas, New York in the US and Sofia city in Europe.

But due to Digital Ocean, you will easily find data centers inside India in Bangalore and also in London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Toronto.

Scala Hosting ​​Increases Website Speed?

Nowadays you must know that according to the new rules of Google, the most important thing to take advantage of SEO for any website is the speed of that website.

And let us tell you that we have also seen this thing very carefully. When we were blogging in the beginning, I used to publish articles every day by writing great and all the necessary information.

And there was SEO in a good way too. But still, my website did not get as much traffic as I would have expected.

Initially my blog could not rank because the speed of my website was very slow. I tried to optimize the images of my website with the help of some cache plugin and minified the JS and CSS. But still the speed of the website is not good.

Then I heard about Scala Hosting and after buying their web hosting plan, I shifted my blog to Scala Hosting.

After a few days, my website’s ranking doubled and I was surprised to see it. Because of this my earning also increased a good.

In this I have measured the speed before and after hosting on Scala Hosting. I have done speed test of my website on GTMatrix tool.

Scala Hosting vs SiteGround

Currently, SiteGround was ruling in the internet for a best Hosting, But still it has become a very difficult task for some bloggers to find the right and strong web hosting for their website.

Because many web hosting companies claims to be fast, but after buying their Services seems to be low.

SiteGround is a very good option, which can give your website a lot of speed. But seeing their price its very high that begginers can’t handle to pay this much.

Because the features and price of their web hosting plans are more than twice as compared to Scala Hosting.

Scala Hosting  Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing.

Talking about the hosting plans and pricing of Scala Hosting, their mini plan starts from $3.95 per month. Under this plan, you get 20GB of SSD storage, free migration, shared environment, free domain name, free SSL, free CDN, unlimited emails, unlimited data base, unlimited bandwidth and 7 days backup.

Similarly, the name of their second web hosting plan is Start, which starts from $5.95 per month. According to this plan, you get 50GB SSD storage, free migration, shared environment, free domain name, free SSL, free CDN, unlimited emails, unlimited database, unlimited bandwidth, up to 7 days backup and SSHIeld cyber security.

The name of the third plan in Scala Hosting is Advance, within which you will also be able to get all the above-mentioned features. But this plan starts at $9.95 per month, due to which there is also 4x more CPU power, 100 GB SSD storage with priority support, SEO analysis and Pro Spam Protection.

Scala Hosting Performance

Nowadays every web hosting companies promise 99.9% uptime and this is the biggest factor for website growth and ranking in Google. But it is not ture to believe the promise of web hosting companies.

Because from a test done on their hosting, it has been found that all those companies provide uptime of about 95% to 98%, which is not true as per their promise.

But I myself have tested Uptime on Scala Hosting, the result of which was surprising. Because fulfilling your promise at a very low price is not a trivial task. Scala Hosting won my heart by giving almost 100% uptime.

Scala Hosting Support

Web hosting means that you are in the technical field, because of this, we definitely have to help someone else in the technical field from time to time. Because of this, support for web hosting becomes a very important thing.

We would like to let you know that Scala Hosting has an excellent technical team, who is able to assist you at any time.

After buying a web hosting plan with them, my first thing to do is to migrate my website here, due to which we have to face a lot of problems.

But because of the support team of Scala Hosting, almost all the problems are solved. Because they are always ready to help you to any extent.

Personally, I first asked them to update the IP address in Cloudflare, then they did that work for me in no time. Apart from this, he has helped me in solving many other big problems.

Scala Hosting 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your biggest chance is that Scala Hosting promises you a 30-day money back guarantee.

This means that if you buy and use their website and if you do not like their service, then you can get all your money back within 30 days. And not be asked any question and answer.

So far, if you buy Scala Hosting I Swear you don’t need any other Web Hostings. But this web hosting from trustworthy, that’s how we get to know.

Scala Hosting Full Reviews

Host Advice gave to Scala Hosting company 9.4 ratings, 4.6 out of 5 on Facebook, and 5 star ratings by Serchen and WHTOP. This gives you an idea of ​​how popular it has become.

Similarly, we have gathered some new customer reviews of Scala Hosting from the internet, which just and only know how good, affordable and secure web hosting option Scala Hosting is and how it helps people in their website career.

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